Ro/Ro  / Break Bulk / Commodities Cargo Surveys

Ro/Ro Cargo: Vessel Onboard Attendance. Cargo stowage Plans and Damage prevention.

Cargas: Stowage and Lashing / Stevedoring and Lashing

Cargo Superintendant / Port Captain

High & Heavy: H & H Cargo Inspection

In addition to cars and commercial vehicles, our range of Inspection services are extended to high and heavy cargo of all types: oversized cargo such as new or used plants, agricultural machinery, excavators, trucks, trailers, tracked vehicles as well as other abnormal loads such as boats, buses, cranes, railway carriages and wind turbines.

Roll on / Roll off Carries
  • Pre-load and Post-Discharge Inspections of vehicles and RO/RO cargo as regards to condition and equipment.

  • Loading and Discharge Supervisions on board of Ro/Ro carriers as regards to storage and cargo securing comprise in:

Commodities / Bulk Carriers

  • Holds inspection
  • Bunker surveys
  • Consition survey
  • Conteiner stuffin / unstuffin
  • We additionally provide Inspection services for Quaility and Quantity for a wide range of Commodities for the expanding export sector

Proyect Cargo / H & H Carriers

  • We offer Port Captain and Cargo Superintendent as well cargo damage prevention survey and consultancy