Innovative solutions

for the Transport and Automotive Industry.

The main markets served are:

Vehicle Manufacturers/OEM

Shipping Companies Enable

Land Transportation


Captain Carlos A. Rojo & Co. SA   

Pioneers in Cargo Surveys and Supply Chain Logistics Survey Partners

We are Argentina Pioneers in providing and delivering a higher level of workable and efficient survey to the shipping and automotive industry.

Our emphasis is on Innovative solutions that translate into added value, improved profit margins, and more satisfied customers.

We have developed a concept in perfect synchronization with the changing market trends and directions of the shipping and automotive industry. As car manufacturers redefine their global strategies, in terms of sales and production.

As the importance of technology grows in search of inbound and outbound logistical efficiency.

As the value of outsourcing logistics design and planning becomes more obvious.

And as rapidly changing dynamics in the sea carrier market demand quick, targeted responses.